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​Power and vitality from nature.
Stress killer aromatic lemon herbal tea.
Secret preparation: 2 tsp, in case of a major stress take it 10 minutes before going out of control, no matter how!
The body speaks first. Listening is appropriate. In our lives we are forced by society to adapt to certain formats. In everyday situations we encounter difficult challenges especially in the private sector. Stress can escalate into a hurricane in a group dynamic.
X Persons, X Stories. And an event. In the piece UNTERSTROM, various characters search for their connections. All this connects a crucial moment. We open the dollhouse and look into every room.
Concept and choreography: Olivia Court Mesa and Johanna Lemke
Performers: Isidoro Abramowicz, Olivia Court Mesa, Wolfgang Häntsch, Johanna Lemke, Tatiana Nekrasov, Nicky Vanoppen, Aviv Vineyard
Text: Anja Dreischmeier
Video: Edgard Berendsen
Make up: Antonella Merello
Premiered in Dock 11 / Berlin, Germany. May 2010.


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