the class

Deep focus learning


Olivia´s classes are intended for everyone who has the wish to go deeper in a process of investigating movement. Each time a specific concept will take place, from floor work to partnering and CI. Her teaching offers different tools to organize the body in a way that complex movement patterns can be performed effortlessly.

The class is dedicated to increase physical awareness in order to be able to work with our individual limits and keep the body safe. Trusting the body, allowing the body to express, finding freedom to find new impulses and sources for new qualities.

Some of the principles that will be explored are: continuous movement flow, the action of pushing and pulling the floor, arching and spiraling the body, extension of the body across the space, resilience, head and tail connection, awareness of musicality inside the movement, finding the clearness between resting and exploding moments, the pelvis as a motor, the effectiveness of hands and arms in connection with the floor, the importance of transitions, real time communication with a partner, the importance of touch, breath, and more.

The class starts with tuning the body and mind to allow the system to enter into a space where we can rest while moving, learn while doing and discover new possibilities. We will unlock and length the body, getting to know more about anatomical aspects of our structure. Alone or with a partner with a curious mind about how the body can work, we will investigate different patterns. We will move on the floor and across the space in a dynamic, physical and animalistic way using our four limbs for different kinds of locomotion. And eventually we will investigate a frase, using the specific concept we deal with, to become more skilful and confident in our movement. 

Loving to move our bodies to find joy.

the common body

Workshop by Olivia & Yochai.

"The common Body” is a workshop-laboratory and movement language that is aiming to enrich within dancers, dance students and movers the experience in dancing with a partner. The movement language is a result of the fascinating integration between contact in it's improvised form and contemporary choreographed partnering work. It creates a specific physicality and a unique perspective about moving with someone.

The relevance of our work for today's dancers and movers is to find “real time communication” that is being expressed in contact improvisation. The idea is to experience dancing within a performative quality, dealing with a clear intention inside movement and towards a partner. Finding useful tools to gain confidence inside partnering work.

Our unique approach triggers the dancer/mover’s mind to become sharper yet playful and curious. Releasing a wide spectrum of acrobatic possibilities in his own body/movement and with a partner.

The workshop research will be divided into three parts; dynamic floor work technique, contact improvisation and choreographed partnering work.

"Olivia & Yochai's classes on movement technique, partnering and improvisation were a highlight of our last years festival. Their passion for the dance in teaching, demonstrating and jamming was highly contagious and inspiring. They found a way to combine rather complex and challenging movement proposals with a lot of flow, ease and fun..."

- Contact Meets Contemporary Dance Festival team