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Olivia Court Mesa is a Chilean-Israeli independent dance artist with nearly three decades of experience in performance art. Her career spans performing, choreographing, improvising, researching, and teaching. Olivia's work explores the conscious intersection of art and humanity, aiming to provoke introspection into our behaviors.

Olivia began her dance journey at age 14 in Chile and continued her studies in Germany. She freelanced with various companies in Germany and later joined notable theater companies. Since 2010, she has been based in Israel, collaborating with renowned choreographers and companies.

Her works are deeply personal, reflecting human psychology and influenced by her life as a foreigner and as a woman living in three different countries. Olivia challenges gender roles and does not underestimate human abilities, pushing boundaries in her creations.

Olivia has received numerous awards and recognitions throughout her career. In 2017, she was awarded Israel’s Ministry of Culture Award for "Best Solo Performer." In 2022, her duet "I carry, you hold" won multiple accolades at the Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition, including the "XL Production Award," "Audience Award," and two "Partner Awards." In 2024, the duet also received the best performance award from the Ministry of Culture in Israel.

As an educator, Olivia specializes in floor work, contact improvisation, and partnering techniques, emphasizing anatomy and functional movement. She integrates various practices into her teaching, focusing on movement authenticity and integrity. Olivia is also an Ilan Lev Method practitioner, incorporating this approach into her work. She teaches nationally and internationally and actively participates in the Contact Improvisation Community in Israel.

She is also a mother of three daughters

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