How long was I unconscious? What was the last thing I experienced? Fainting and panic attacks are moments of overwhelming anxiety or fear in the body. This shifts the perception and mechanics of the movement. Such moments can take seconds. We disassemble them into pieces, dedicate ourselves to the details. Dancers, musicians and video designers from Berlin and Santiago de Chile have worked together to develop an improvisation system that mixes different phases over and over again.


Concept / Choreography / Dance: Olivia Court Mesa & Johanna Elisa Lemke

Music: Nicolas Rios

Flutes: Marcelo Maira

Video: Denny Rosenthal

Texts: Jason Richter, Isidoro Abramowicz, Catalina Court Mesa, Johanna Elisa Lemke, Olivia Court Mesa


Premiered in Dock 11 / Berlin, Germany. May 2008