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The inside of the shoe embody an image


“Definition of Horma: The Horma is a mold on which the footwear is constructed. The Horma should be understood as a volume, a three-dimensional body. Therefore can be modified and this modifications transmitted to the footwear, both along and in the width and height, or combinations of the three dimensions: inner capacity.”


Horma is a theatrical solo dance piece that criticize pre-conception of images.

In the solo, there is a woman that tells different stories about how her image is percieve by other people's eyes. She also reveals the story of her father that is a reflection of what she could be, revealing the truth of what is behind, breaking the illusion of beauty.


How does this pre-conceptions affect that woman or that image of her that we are dealing with?, how this image can fit inside this pre conception? or in other words; how can she go inside the shoes that we choose for her?

All This questions are part of this trip outside and inside of that woman. Starting from a very teatrical language, going trough a very physical dance and ending with an abstact image/fantasy that the audience is collaborating and creating a last image full of black balloons.


Concept, coreography and dance:  Olivia Court Mesa

Music:  Omer Sheizaf, Olga Guillot


Premiered at "Intima Dance Festival 2012", Tmoona Theater.

Mai 2012, Tel Aviv/ Israel. 


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