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Yochai Ginton

is an independent dancer/performer and dance teacher based in Israel. 
His great passion towards dance, led him to explore various movement and performance languages throughout the past 17 years. He studied in Dance Workshop Gaaton and in the Maslool - Professional Dance Program, Israel.
He has collaborated with different choreographers, touring and performing around the world.
Yochai teaches workshops, intensives and courses at dance schools and other institutions across Israel and abroad. His teaching connects performance art and the way we engage ourselves in the world as human-beings. How much can one change and evolve consciously and yet surprisingly? 
He  is also a Feldenkrais practitioner and a Vipassana meditator.

Yochai has been collaborating with Olivia since 2012 in different ways. Firstly as a co-founder of The common body, researching, exploring and developing the method. As a co-creative dancer in the duet I carry, you hold, as a co-creator in Whenever I'm alone, and currently he is co-creating a new piece that will premiere this year 2023

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