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Yochai Ginton

Yochai Ginton is an independent dancer, performer, and dance teacher based in Israel, driven by a deep passion for dance that has guided his exploration of various movement and performance languages over the past 17 years.
Throughout his career, Yochai has collaborated with diverse choreographers and performed extensively worldwide. Since 2012, he has been collaborating with Olivia Court Mesa in various capacities. Initially, he co-founded The Common Body with her, dedicating time to research, explore, and develop their unique method and vision. He is a co-creative dancer in her acclaimed duet "I carry, you hold," and a co-creator in her works "Whenever I'm Alone" and "Naked Men." In 2024, he and Olivia won the best performance award from the Ministry of Culture in Israel for the duet "I carry, you hold."
As a master teacher, Yochai conducts partnering workshops, intensives, and courses at dance schools and institutions across Israel and internationally. He guides dancers with tools for performance, merging Contact Improvisation (CI) and partnering in an exciting and dynamic way. His teaching philosophy combines performance art with personal engagement, focusing on how individuals can consciously evolve and transform themselves. He integrates his practices as a Feldenkrais practitioner and Vipassana meditator into his teaching, emphasizing mindfulness and holistic approaches to movement and personal growth.
In addition to his teaching, Yochai works as an artistic advisor and rehearsal manager, helping dancers and choreographers refine their work and achieve their artistic goals. His approach is particularly relevant for today's dancers and movers seeking real-time communication abilities alongside clarity in expressing ideas and concepts, all while maintaining a playful mindset and sharpening mental acuity.


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