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​​In the city, every day, walking the same path, same  street,  we  meet  the  same  known anonymous people and we dance restless in the rhythm of daily life.
People performing:
Isidoro Abramowicz: from Buenos Aires, 40 years old, father of Cala, musician, finished his Masters in jewish studies.
Michal Pashtan: 39 years old, mother of Noa and Lila, lived in Berlin and London for 8 years, fotographer.
Ron Glait: 34 years old, producer, designer, practices yoga twice a week. Dancing again after a long break.
Yaniv Ginton: 29 years old, born in a kibbutz, sleeping on his mother’s couch. Next week moving to Amsterdam to work in high-tech and study yoga.
Romina Reisin: 30 years old, studied communications in Argentina and Pluralistic Jewish education in Jerusalem. She’s a singer and a journalist.
Shira Eviatar: 27 years old, performing artist from Tel Aviv, just got engaged.
Arrangement of PJ Harvey song The Soldier: Isidoro Abramowicz

Premiered in "Intima Dance Festiva 2013", Tmoona Theater.  Tel Aviv/Israel.

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