I N - D E P E N D A N T



Choreography: Dafi Altabeb

Dramaturg: Nini Moshe

Co Creators Dancers: Olivia Court Mesa, Yochai Ginton, Alon Karniel

Original Music : Niko Hafkenscheid


Premiered in June 2014 in Tel Aviv, Israel.




And despite the challenge, the reflection, the routine, I choose this every day, as if it was the first time.


Choreography: Dafi Altabeb

Co Creators Dancers: Olivia Court Mesa & Yochai Ginton

Music : Miki Patish, Niko Hafkenscheid, Rotem Bar Or


Premiered in November 2012 as part of Curtain Up Festival in Suzanne Dellal -Tel Aviv, Israel.








Reach a peak , conquer it.Place a new step & then lift it up.Exhaust myself in order to feel.


Choreography: Dafi Altabeb

Co creators and dancers: Olivia Court Mesa & Rosalind Noctor (Roni Brandesteter)
Soundtrack: Maria Callas-Romeo y Julieta Je Veux Vive Dans Ce Reve


Premiered in June 2011 in "Intimadance Festival" Tel Aviv, Israel.


"I, in matters of sensitivity to heat I don’t have any.

I can hold a scorching hot cup in my bare hands and it would feel pleasant. I shower in a steaming hot water, any less and it would feel lukewarm. Everything about me has always and ever been about feelings, extreme feelings.

Everything in me goes through a strainer of emotions, through gut feelings, smell and touch.I love to touch with full intent, to intensely embrace to passionately kiss; even when I give a friendly tap on the shoulder I do it with strong intent,Otherwise, it would feel devoid of meaning.Is there anyone who doesn't need touch?For me it’s the air I breathe, without it I drain". -Dafi Altabeb-


Choreography: Dafi Altabeb

Co creator & Dramaturgy: Nini Moshe

Dancers and creative collaborators: Olivia Court Mesa , Ran Ben Dror, Marcela Gomez, Yochai Ginton, Rosalind Noctor/Roni B, Daphna Miro/Merav Dagan

Soundtrack: Itamar Tzor


World Premiere in June 2012 in "Napoli Theatro Festival", Napoli, Italy.