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The themes and contents we want to invite you to touch both theoretically and physically are:

Drop, throw and suspend ANCHORS

Whatever touches the ground is a potential anchor for a movement. How can we use the floor as a charger for a creative body and a motivating force into an available and dynamic state of being?
Relating to the space, throwing or placing anchors, dancing solo, playing with multiple directions, isolating and suspending different body parts. 
Clarifying roots through a partner´s body. Focused on a strong and articulated physicality with a clear orientation of the center/core. Understanding through this some interesting mechanisms within our body structure.

Embrace captain HOOK

The anatomy structure, the joints, the curves and shapes of the body are all potential hooks for movement and creativity. Every joint is a junction, in every junction we can find a  surface, using the many angles which can be used as anchor points for pushing, pulling, following or twisting.

The Partnering Series

with Olivia & Yochai

The Partnering Series is a workshop-laboratory that aims to enrich dancers, dance students and movers in the aspect of experiencing dancing with someone.
This time we offer 7 meetings, each has a clear idea we’ll focus on. The order of the series is designed with the intention of building up knowledge, adding complexity from one session to the next and eventually entering and discovering a “state of possibilities” while dancing solo and partnering work.
Our movement language is inspired by CI, soft acrobatics, Feldenkrais, Ilan Lev, Vipassana meditation and floor work technique. Our tools have been harvested along many years of exploration, breaking down patterns, professional stage experience, several creation processes and many hours in the studio. We are passionate about sharing our insights with curious minds, adapting to the needs of the students/dancers.
The relevance of our work for today's dancers and movers is to find “real time communication” while having the ability to express ideas, tasks and concepts in a clear way. Our unique approach triggers the dancer/mover’s mind to become sharper without losing playfulness. 


Light as a feather, heavy as an elephant and all the in betweens, our WEIGHT


Weight is such a fundamental element in our life. We can surrender to it or resist it. 

Our structural alignment with conscious activation or deactivation can define the way gravity travels through the body into the floor, back to our body  and onto our partner's body. Different choices related to the muscular tone and the trajectory and dynamic of movement, can make us become super light or super heavy. Alternative body compositions and physical relationships can evolve from this playful research.  

FALLING into the body and out to space 
To fall down,
to fall up
to fall horizontally
to fall inwards
falling into a field of potential,
into the electromagnetic field that we are, 
a field of possibilities as big as the ocean, within the realm of consciousness.
Using our perception and physical quality of falling and dropping, we can develop the skill of choosing different and unknown movement pathways. 

The balancing funnel, the FLYER and the magic carpet, the BASE

What is the mindset of a flyer? What is the mindset of a base? What is the physical action of both? Can we distinguish clearly between those two and see how fast we can change from one to the other? 

To make the transitions is an important part of our practice, to train the body and the mind, to recognize the differences in each role and to be available to enter both.

No hierarchy

Adaptation and resilience is a practice we want to keep on exploring with you

Home and the empty vessel, back to SOLO

Checking and being focused on oneself while dancing with others. Can you be in a solo while giving weight or receiving weight with one partner or few? Can you lead another person without losing yourself in the other? 

From feeding yourself with your own exploration regardless of what you are being offered, emptying yourself from any desire in order to receive and surrender to anything that can come in your dance.



All and nothing, the availability to be in the moment with a creative mind, never planning, always awake, connecting to intuitive knowledge, enjoying the endless possibilities of a dance



Fridays every two weeks 18/3, 1/4, 15/4, 29/4, 13/5, 27/5, 10/6




Kelim Choreography Center

2 Yitskhak Nafkha St Bat Yam, Israel


for the entire course until the 25/2:

2000 nis

for the entire course after the 25/2: 2350 nis - for one session: 400 nis

- Pro-dancers get

a 25% discount!

Who can attend?

Our work is relevant for professional dancers, experienced contact dancers and advanced dance students. Since we are partnering, the idea is to have a high quality dancing experience. A series for beginners or less experience movers will come later.

The workshop will be taught in english.

Olivia & Yochai

Working as professional dancers and dance teachers, they have been dancing, creating and teaching together since they met 10 years ago. They are partners in life as well and they practice how family-life-dance and art can coexist in the most inspiring way.

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